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Note: This tile estimation and cost comparison tool shows the approximate number of uncut tiles required for the dimensions input and guideline prices for a floor based on the different tile types. Costs are rounded to the nearest £. Where the floor dimensions require a mix of cut and full tiles to be used the exact quantity of tiles needed may be higher or lower than the estimate given here - depending on the type of tile interlock. If in doubt contact us with your floor dimensions and we will work out the exact quantities required.

Just fill in your floor measurements and click Calculate to get information on the amount of floor tiles you require and an instant cost. Important: Enter measurements in mm

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Mototile Seamless | 333 x 333 x 7mm

Various Colours (New PVC)

Picture Of An Orange Seamless Interlocking Tile

Seamless Tiles Required:

Seamless Tile Cost:
*Colour Range

**Supersport Range

MotoMat | 470 x 470 x 12mm

Black (Recyled PVC)

Picture Of A Black MotoMat Anti Fatigue Tile And Yellow Female Ramp

MotoMat Tiles Required:

MotoMat Tile Cost:

MotoLock Heavy Duty | 495 x 495 x 7mm

Various Colours & Patterns (New PVC)

Picture Of A Heavy Duty Interlocking Tile

MotoLock Tiles Required:

MotoLock Tile Cost:
*Black, Dk Grey, Lt Grey

**Classic Colours

***Premium Colours Lt. Blue, Orange, Red

Recycled MotoLock | 495 x 495 x 7mm

Various Shades & Patterns (New PVC)

Picture Of A Heavy Duty Recycled Interlocking Tile

MotoLock Recycled Tiles Required:

MotoLock Recycled Tile Cost:
*Black Recycled

**Mid & Light Grey Recycled

Mototile Seamless and MotoLock Floor Tile Colour Range.


We quote Motolock and Motomat tile requirements based on an inside edge to outside edge measurement.
We have found that this improves estimating accuracy. Other dimensions, which take account of 1) all tabs and 2) no tabs, are also shown below.

How We Quote Interlocking Tile Dimensions For MotoMat and MotoLock tiles.

Tile Type

Outside to Outside (mm)

Inside to Inside (mm)

Inside to Outside (mm)


510 x 510

480 x 480

495 x 495


495 x 495

445 x 445

470 x 470

Quoted dimensions for Mototile Seamless tiles are based on exact width (333 x 333 mm) due to the flush fit edge design.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not contacted us for technical advice prior to placing your orders. You do so with the risk of the product not being suitable for application and we therefore hold no responsibility for the actual use or performance of our product.