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Stormflame has been online since 2001, selling quality products used by professional installers to maintain and upgrade buildings - particularly schools, HMO's and public buildings.

A good way to view our whole range is to visit the StormFlame Central Shop where any product from any of our websites can be purchased. Payments are secured by WorldPay and PayPay and the shop is phone friendly making it easy to 'shop from site' if you need to.

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Smoke-Seal-30-minute-buy-at-Stormflame Smoke-Seal-Blade-Type-30min-buy-at-Stormflame Fire-Resistant-Mortar-buy-at-Stormflame Fire-Resistant-Batt-&-Coating-CE-Marked-buy-at-Stormflame Pipe-Collars-CE-Marked-buy-at-Stormflame

Fire Seals : Smoke Seals : Pipe Collars : Pipe Wraps : Ventilation Cavity Seals : Intumescent Board

Passive Fire Protection

Visit the Stormflame Shop for a selection of passive fire protection products.



Fire Protection


Independently certified fire stopping products by ASTROFLAME™, RAVEN™ and Lorient™. We supply fire seals, smoke seals, pipe collars, fire grilles, socket box liners, downlighter covers, sealants, cladding seals and many other products. All with BS EN and ISO ratings appropriate to UK construction standards.


We can also supply Class 0 and Class 1 intumesecent and fire-retardant paints in large or small quantities.



For Automated Doors : High Quality Low Price : Compact and Versatile : Colours and Woodgrains

Door Finger Guards

Visit the Stormflame Shop for a wide selection of door safety products.



Finger Guards for Doors


Stormflame stocks the biggest range of door finger guards available on the internet. A wide range of styles, materials and colours to fit your budget and your requirements.

Aquamac-33-100m-coil-Buy-at-Stormflame Q-LON-RETRO-21B-by-Schlegel-buy-at-Stormflame

Door and Window Seals : Aquamac and Q-Lon Weather Seals

Door Seals by RAVEN, Schlegel and ASTROFLAME

Visit the Stormflame Shop for a selection of Schlegel, Raven and Stormguard products.



We stock well designed, properly certified and durable products. We have weather seals, draught seals, acoustic seals, fire seals and smoke seals for aluminium, uPVC and timber framed doors and windows including many multipurpose type seals eg. combined acoustic and smoke seals. We also supply RAVEN low profile threshold plates, suitable for wheel chair access, and matching door seals.

Schlegel-logo raven-door-and-window-sealing-system-logo

How to order your paint products

You will need to fill in one of the enquiry forms seen below based on your requirements. Your order will be processed within 48hrs along with your preferred delivery time frames. If you need any help or more information please call us.

Paint Enquiry Form - for Structural Steel

Paint Enquiry Form - for Walls

Paint Enquiry Form - for Timber

Paint Enquiry Form - for Varnish

Fire Retardant Paint & Fire Resistant coatings are 'passive fire protection' products. We can supply a full range of intumescent paints and coatings for any decorative or protective paint finish situations. For more information please visit  intumescent paints.

Anti-Graffiti Paint : Anti-Graffiti Coating : Easy Off Graffiti Remover : Graffiti Remover Sprays

Anti Graffiti Products

Visit the Stormflame Shop for Anti
Graffiti Products.



Safe, easy to use, best in class products for prevention and removal of graffiti. Get up to 20 years wipe-clean protection.


PVC interlocking tiles by Mototile for a range of applications from pampering a show-car to heavy duty warehouse flooring, including recycled material tiles.


MotoMat - 500mm Recycled black material tiles. For maximum economy and suitable for outdoor use. Cointop and Diamond plate patterns.

Floor Packs - 100 to 400 Recycled PVC interlocking tile packs. Discount prices. Precision made, tough and economical. Cointop and Diamond plate patterns.


MotoLock - Heavy Duty 510mm tiles. Hard wearing tiles suitable for forklift operating and similar indoors areas. Cointop and Diamond-plate pattern. Recycled versions in black and grey also available.

Interlocking Floor Tiles

For more information about Mototile products visit the Stormflame shop or download the Mototile brochure


Available in a variety patterns and popular colours:

Electric Blue


Light Green




Light Blue

Diamond-Plate-Mototile-buy-at-Stormflame Cointop-Mototile-buy-at-stormflame

Diamond Plate



Mid / Dark Grey

Light Grey

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